Four-axis Robot


Four-axis column robot is a special operation robot developed according to sheet metal equipment users. It is suitable for loading and unloading laser cutting machines and plates. The robot system has high efficiency, high stability, simple structure, and more convenient maintenance. It can meet different types of products. production. For users, it can quickly adjust product structure, expand production capacity, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of industrial workers.

Technical Parameter

Number of axesFour axis
Positioning accuracy1 MM
Repeatability5 MM
Maximum speed25M/MIN
Carrying capacity150KG
The scope of work1.9M,360
Rated voltage220V
Air supply pressure0.55 MPa
Machine weight1000KG
Single sheet maximum thickness18mm
Single sheet minimum thickness0.5mm

Product Details

Speed motor

Stable operation, good starting performanceconve-nient for self-control, remote control, and group control high-speed regulation precision.

Mechanical gripper (according to different materials)

Put items accurate grasp ability, high precision small error, fast response speed.

Rotational support

360°rotating loading and unloading of accurate positioning, non-slip design-strong, and durable.

Application Area

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