Gantry Loading and Unloading Truss Manipulator


Chuangyi gantry robot, industrial truss loading and unloading manipulator provides users with product selection and design solutions for various levels of automation control systems, and
provides safer and higher quality work.

Technical Parameter

Number of axesThree axis
Positioning accuracy±1mm
Maximum speed25m/min
The scope of work3200mm,5200mm
Rated voltage220v 50hz/60hz
Air supply pressure0.55mPa
Machine weight1000kg

Product Details

Product analysis display

High Density Track

smooth sliding, durable, and quality assurance. The transmission is more energy-saving and the running precision is higher.

At the same time, it can automatically load and unload
most types of equipment.

If required, trolley systems, loading and unloading tables can
be integrated exactly according to your needs.

Take care of your workpieces with scratch-resistant forks.

Application Area

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