LH series medium and heavy plate automatic loading and unloading system


Chuangyi LH series gantry robot, the truss-type manipulator assists or replaces the manual to complete various expected operations, reduces the burden of human manual work in industrial manufacturing, and can also replace humans to do dangerous and complex work. In the application of forming machines such as mechanical equipment, the truss-type manipulator can especially improve the production efficiency several times in the handling of materials, repeated grasping, and tool manipulation, and at the same time reduce the labor cost in the large expenditure of the enterprise.

Technical Parameter

Maximum feeding size(mm)6000*2500mm
Minimum feeding size(mm)500*500mm
Minimum cutting size (mm)50*50mm
Positioning accuracy(mm)±2.5mm
Speed of operation(m/min)35
Maximum load bearing(kg)1200
Outside dimension6.4m*4m*4m
Working voltage220V 50HZ/60HZ

Product Details

During batch cutting operations, traditional machines need to frequently perform operationssuch as loading/unloading and plate positioning, which wastes labor costs and is inefficient.The automatic loading and unloading module can replace manual loading/unloading andcode the cut finished products for customers to centrally sort.

Sheet layer thickness measurement

Automatic detection of plate thickness to prevent multipleplates from being loaded at the same time during operation.

Flexible production efficiency first

The self-developed new analysis frame structure, suction cup typeunloading frame, the main beam adopts the transmission mode ofslider guide rail, which meets the synchronous production of the wholeproduction line and realizes unmanned operation.

Application Area

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