One for Two Flexible Cutting Unit


This product has the following advantages:
1. No need to replace new equipment;
2. It can increase the output by 25%-35%;
3. Save labor, only one general worker is needed to pick up materials site;
4. Manipulator loading is more space-saving than ordinary

5. Reduce Material Scratches;

6. Improve Brand lmage;
7. Multiplesilos, Flexible Production, Multi-Color Order At Will.

Technical Parameter

Device nameQuantity
Four-axis ground rail robot1
Labeling Machine1
Power roller3
Translating Power Roller1
Automatic loading and unloading cutting machine1
Automatic picking and palletizing machine2
Central control system1

Product Details

Modular expansion, support for one-to-many jobs

A single set of loading and unloading systems can take care of the automatic loading and unloading operations of
multiple cutting equipment at the same time, freeing up the workshop space while saving energy and reducing consumption.

Seiko cast Stronger quality assurance performance

Carry out industry innovation to the end, we have kept you waiting for a long time.

The whole machine adopts a modular design, and the layout of the production system can be flexibly adjusted according to the customer’s site conditions and production needs, optimizing the production layout and process.

Application Area

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