Single Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


The single-platform laser cutting machine can realize high-precision cutting and processing of metal plates such as carbon steel plates and stainless steel plates. Laser cutting is not limited to cutting patterns, and it can realize automatic typesetting and save materials. The cutting surface is smooth and clean; the processing cost is low.

Technical Parameter

Cutting range3mx1.5m/4mx2m/6mx2m
Laser output power1000W-6000W
Positioning accuracy±0.01mm
Repeating accuracy±0.03mm
Working voltage380V 50Hz/60Hz
Total power protection levelIP54

Product Details

High quality bed

The internal structure of the bed adopts an aircraft metal honeycomb structure, which has high strength and good tensile strength. After secondary stress annealing, the bed is more stable and the cutting accuracy is higher.

Adjustable focus laser head

Complete anti-collision function, suitable for long-time cutting, easy cutting in different degrees.

Practical and compact

The open structure of single platform can be loaded and unloaded from three directions to achieve compact machine size.

Application Area

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