One for Two Cutting Production Line


This product has thefollowing advantages:
1. No need to replace new equipment;
2. It can increase theoutput by 25%-35%:
3. Save labor, only one general worker is needed to pick upmaterials; site;
4.Manipulator loading is more space-saving than ordinary one-drag-two;
5. Reduce material scratches;
6. Improve brand image;
7. Multiplesilos, flexible production, multi-color order at will.

Technical Parameter

Device nameQuantity
Loading and unloading Robot1

Product Details

Seiko cast Stronger quality assurance performance

Carry out industry innovation to the end, we have kept you waiting for a long time.

Processing advantage

One-to-two connection is a set of unit automatic connections that integrates labeling and cutting. includes I automatic labeling machine, 2 cutting machines, 1 feeding cantilever and roller, and other auxiliary equipment. On the basis of the same production capacity, it realizes labor-saving, time-saving, and space-saving, and realizes high speed, high efficiency, and high quality on the basis of the same.

Application Area

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